jueves, 16 de julio de 2015


I brought you sour times 
and left you crying sad 
I took you top the top 
then let you fall 

You told me to stop wice 
you burned my house of cards 
and left my soul 
to no good 

I swore to cross my heart and crossed yur face 
I kicked you in the belly and called you a name 
and dropped you in a hole 
when those two are kissing on he lips 
the warden always looks them wih a glean 
cause mama wont allow what they are playing to 

(two matches and a pool of gasoline) 

and Flaca doesnt mind shes if alone 
hose tears right down her eyes will just not go 
the kind of ink that stays here for life 
some sorry life to shake and tuff her up 
a woman that can take what life cant stop 
chose me to go

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