lunes, 16 de octubre de 2017


We deserve each other
we, the children of the southamerican night
our heads wrapped in toilet paper and stolen perfume
we who their kitchen crawl out the sight of any home

we the people with the bad sight
and the dim lightbulbs
we who keep the candles near the yerba
for another big final blackout is coming

we have bought borrowed time to buy a credit for a house
that will be unfulfilled
devoid of any guardian angel
we have dyed our hair white blonde
so the forgiveness of a white God would come 
and descend upon us     the beheaded bastards from hell

we deserve each other
blank on the inside
uncertain limbs absent on the outside
too fat too thin too stupid """too bright""" to hide it
we swim in a sea of shit 
that wont come close to
feel wrong

we open the windows to observe 
the trail of destruction we have carved
upon our marked little souls
we have joyfully done it
we gladly have lost it
we planted the juvenile and insipid war flag on our hearts
and as we lose the will to live in reason
death feasts on our tiny and pitiful little dreams
a phone
a table
chromed guillotine erected upon our
stinky pillow

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